Zara Larsson Feels 'So Comfortable Being Naked' on New Venus Album Cover: 'Quite Liberating' (Exclusive)

Zara Larsson, who is 26 years old, just released her fourth album called "Venus." It shows a new and more creative side of her.

This album is different because it has more personal and real lyrics. Before, she focused more on just making catchy songs.

In one song called "You Love Who You Love," she talks about relationships in a funny and passionate way.

She worked with David Guetta on a song called "On My Love," where she expresses her strong connection with her sister, Hanna.

Zara looks back at her earlier career collaborations and realizes she's changed. Now, she appreciates and enjoys the special moments more.

The title "Venus" is inspired by the birth of Venus, symbolizing a fresh start for Zara in her music and personal life.

The album cover was originally different but was changed to a picture of Zara naked. She wanted it to show comfort and freedom.

Zara is okay with being naked, inspired by her visits to nude Korean spas and her childhood habit of not wearing shirts at family dinners.

She knows the album cover might be censored in some places but feels proud of its beauty and the feeling of liberation it gives.

Zara cares more about what her fans think than how well the album does on charts.

She compares releasing the album to sending kids off to college – not knowing what will happen but hoping for the best.

Zara has grown and changed, taking a more involved and purposeful approach to her music, focusing on personal growth and trying new things.