Letter reveals security officer made 'inappropriate comments' about Marilyn Mosby

A court security officer at the US District Court in Greenbelt made inappropriate comments about Marilyn Mosby.

The comments included referring to Mosby as a "skank" and expressing opinions about her mortgage fraud trial.

The letter detailing these comments was unsealed on January 26.

Mosby's attorneys requested steps to prevent potential jury influence.

The officer's opinions were linked to a former colleague involved in the Freddie Gray case.

Mosby's defense requested the officer not have contact with the jury despite being removed from security check-in.

Judge Lydia Kay Griggsby denied the request and expressed disappointment.

The judge stated that jurors would not have heard the remarks during the trial.

Marilyn Mosby, a former Baltimore State's Attorney, was found guilty of perjury in 2023.

Mosby lied to withdraw $90,000 from a retirement account under the CARES Act to buy luxury vacation homes.

The jury found her guilty of submitting a false statement on a loan application related to a condominium purchase in Florida.

Mosby was not found guilty of a second count related to the same case.