Tyla Becomes First Artist to Win New African Music Performance Category

South African singer Tyla made history at the 66th Annual Grammys.

She won the Recording Academy's newest category, "Best African Music Performance."

Tyla secured the prestigious award for her song "Water."

The singer expressed disbelief as she took the stage, saying, “What the heck?!”

At 22 years old, Tyla never imagined winning a Grammy.

In her speech, she credited God for changing her life the previous year.

Tyla expressed gratitude, saying, "Last year, God decided to change my whole life."

The historic win marked a significant milestone in Tyla's career.

The category highlights recognition for African music on the global stage.

Tyla's achievement reflects the diversity and global reach of the music industry.

 Tyla's win adds a memorable moment to the 66th Annual Grammys, celebrating excellence in African music performance.

The singer's success is a testament to her talent and dedication to her craft.