Robert De Niro opens up about being a father at 80

Robert De Niro, aged 80, happily discusses being a father again to daughter Gia with girlfriend Tiffany Chen.

Gia is described as adorable, and De Niro expresses joy and relief in the moments spent with her.

Family time holds great importance for De Niro, considering it everything in his life.

Details about De Niro's past marriages and children are shared, highlighting the diversity in his family.

Gia's presence brings happiness not only to De Niro but also to his other kids and grandkids.

De Niro is nominated for an Oscar for his role in "Killers of the Flower Moon," expressing a humble perspective on winning.

He expresses hope for his co-star Lily Gladstone to win an award, acknowledging her strong chance.

Despite his age, De Niro expresses enthusiasm for work and readiness for whatever life brings.

The interview provides insights into both his family and work life, revealing a positive outlook.