Interview: How Harris Reed became fashion's superstar

From a fearless nine-year-old fashionista to a boundary-breaking designer, Harris Reed's journey to stardom unfolds.

London Fashion Week 2023 witnesses the unveiling of Reed's gender-fluid Duet collection, a celebration of contrasts and subversion in fashion.

Reed's debut book, "Fluid: A Fashion Revolution," delves into the intersection of gender expression and identity, emphasizing the power of personal style.

A closer look at Reed's Duet collection reveals intricate details, challenging traditional notions of male and female fashion.

Reed's meteoric rise culminates in his appointment as the creative director of the iconic Nina Ricci at the age of 26.

Reed's refusal to adhere to conventional timelines and expectations results in achievements like the Met Gala at 25 and Nina Ricci's creative directorship at 26.

How a single Instagram post led to a collaboration with Harry Styles, designing stage costumes for his world tour, and shaping the first male cover of Vogue US.

Reed acknowledges the pivotal role played by stylist Harry Lambert and musician Harry Styles in his career, describing them as his "guardian angels."

A look at Reed's statement-making designs worn by celebrities like Shania Twain, Lil Nas X, Iman, and Beyoncé, showcasing his influence on red carpets and stages worldwide.

Reed's designs capture the attention of the camera, with fans flaunting his creations for their Instagram-worthy appeal and powerful statements.

Reed expresses gratitude for the unwavering support of the two Harrys, Lambert and Styles, emphasizing their kindness and integral roles in his success.

 From Adele's custom-made gown to Beyoncé's futuristic look, Reed's designs transcend borders, making a mark on the global fashion stage.