Lily Gladstone talks historic Oscar nomination and the Osage community supporting her career

Lily Gladstone is the first Native American to be nominated for Best Actress at the Oscars.

She got nominated for her great acting in the movie "Killers of the Flower Moon

She found out about the nomination while in Osage County and wanted to share the moment with her Osage community.

This is a big deal because it helps Native Americans get more representation in movies.

Lily is part of the Blackfeet Nation, and she's one of the few Indigenous actresses nominated for an Oscar.

She says Leonardo DiCaprio's acting in the movie had a big impact on her own performance.

Lily suggests that her Oscar nomination could lead to new opportunities in her career.

Her mom, who was with her at the Golden Globes, will be with her at the Oscars too.

Lily's family and community played a big part in her journey to this historic nomination.

In high school, she was voted "most likely to win an Oscar," and now it's happening.

Lily's success has brought her high school drama class back together.

Her old drama class plans to watch the Oscars together in their old high school theater.