Laufey is a trad-pop superstar (and that's enough)

The article discusses the limitations of awards shows, like the Grammys and Oscars, in categorizing and recognizing diverse artistic works.

It talks about a parody song that won a Critics Choice Award but challenges the typical criteria for an Oscar-winning song.

Laufey, a musician, faces challenges being labeled a Gen-Z jazz savior, raising questions about her authenticity in the genre

Doubts about Laufey's authenticity in jazz and the impact it can have on an artist's perception in specific music categories.

The article traces the historical evolution of pop music, specifically the mid-20th-century style dominated by intelligent female voices, and discusses Laufey's place in this tradition

It highlights the significant contributions of women singers to pop music, from Patsy Cline to Adele.

Examining Laufey's singing style, influences, and her careful approach to cultural appropriation in the context of modern pop music.

Pop music's adaptability over the years, incorporating elements from various genres like jazz, blues, and cabaret.

The shift towards male dominance in traditional pop, notably in Grammy Awards since 1992.

Pointing out the male-dominated nature of the Grammy Award in traditional pop since its inception.

Mentioning singers who influenced Laufey and questioning the focus on certain references in reviews.