Jennifer Coolidge leaves 'White Lotus' future open to speculation

Jennifer Coolidge, Emmy-winning actress from The White Lotus, expresses jealousy over the cast filming season three.

She discusses her character Tanya's tragic demise in season two and her exclusion from the upcoming season.

Coolidge acknowledges the finality of her character's death, stating, "When they kill you, you have to accept it."

Despite accepting her character's fate, she genuinely expresses sadness about not being part of season three.

The upcoming season is set in Thailand and features returning star Natasha Rothwell and new additions like Carrie Coon, Scott Glenn, Walton Goggins, Leslie Bibb, Michelle Monaghan, and Parker Posey.

Coolidge speculates about being "dead forever" in terms of her character's future in the series.

She emphasizes that, to date, no one has mentioned her involvement in season three.

This leaves the future of her character open to speculation.

The White Lotus season three is set to take place in Thailand.

Coolidge won two Emmys for her performances as the beloved character Tanya in both season one and season two.

She humorously notes the lack of costume size calls after a character's death, signaling the end of their involvement in the series.

Coolidge expresses a mix of jealousy, acceptance, and genuine sadness about her character's fate in The White Lotus.