Removing the President: The main opposition group in the Maldives, called the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP), wants to take the President, Mohamed Muizzu, out of his job. They're going to make a formal request to do this.

Government Team Against It: The leaders of the government team, made up of the Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) and People's National Congress (PNC), really don't want the President to be removed through the official government process.

They're Standing Strong: The government team leaders are saying that they won't let anyone take the President out of his job. They're so serious about it that they say, "They'll have to hurt all of us before they can even try to remove the President."

Trouble in Parliament: There's been fighting in the government meeting place (Parliament) about approving some important people for the President's team.

Protest Starts: The leaders in support of the President start making a big demonstration, stopping the government meeting from happening because they're not happy with the choices for the President's team.

They Want to Remove Him: The MDP says they have enough people supporting them to officially request to remove the President, but they haven't done it yet.

Making Rules Easier: The group that makes the rules for the government recently changed the rules to make it easier to try and remove the President. Now, they say you only need 56 out of 87 votes in Parliament to do it.

Talking to Other Countries: The President has asked another country, India, to take away their military people from the Maldives. He says the people in the Maldives really want this.

Important Jobs Rejected: Some really important jobs in the President's team, like the people in charge of Islamic affairs and housing, and the top lawyer, were not approved by the government meeting.

Fighting in the Meeting: There are videos on the internet showing fighting in the government meeting place. Some of the people there are hurt, and it looks very chaotic.

They Don't Trust Leaders: The government team also says they don't trust the leaders in charge of the meetings (Speaker and Deputy Speaker) and want them out of their jobs too.

Vote Coming Soon: The people in the Maldives are going to vote soon to choose new leaders for the government. This is happening in the middle of March, and it's making everything more complicated.