Nikki Haley seeks Secret Service protection, citing 'multiple issues.

 Nikki Haley, a top Republican running for president, asked for more security from the Secret Service due to various problems.

Even though she faces threats, Haley says it won't stop her from campaigning.

Donald Trump, a fellow Republican, wants Haley to leave the race and unite the party against Democrat Joe Biden.

Currently, Haley uses personal security and local police at her events.

After a recent false alarm at her home, she's concerned for her safety, leading to the request for extra protection.

The decision to grant Secret Service protection involves talking to the US secretary of homeland security and a congressional committee.

People protesting at Haley's events criticize her views on Israel and Ukraine, adding to her security challenges.

Typically, federal law gives Secret Service protection to major candidates expected to win their party's nomination.

Former President Donald Trump always has Secret Service protection.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., an independent candidate, asked for protection but claims he was denied.

Haley's request comes amid a time of increased security worries in politics, similar to when Barack Obama sought protection.

 Secret Service protection is crucial to keeping major political figures safe, recognizing the potential dangers they might face.