Ferrari finishes a record year by topping Wall Street’s estimate

Ferrari did really well, making more money than expected in 2023, with a record net profit of 1.26 billion euros, especially in the last quarter.

Ferrari's sales went up by 17%, reaching 5.97 billion euros in 2023, and the last quarter contributed to an 11% increase.

Ferrari expects to do even better in 2024, aiming for more than 6.4 billion euros in sales and at least 7.50 euros per share in profit.

People buying and selling Ferrari shares on the stock market were excited, with shares going up about 10% to over $380 each.

The boss of Ferrari, Benedetto Vigna, is sure the company is doing well, mentioning the great 2023 results and the big plans for 2024.

There's talk that famous Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton might switch from Mercedes to Ferrari in 2025.

Ferrari sold more cars in 2023, with a 3% increase to 13,663 vehicles, and they have lots of orders.

Ferrari made more money in the last quarter than expected, with earnings per share at 1.62 euros, beating the expected 1.50 euros, and revenue exceeding expectations at 1.523 billion euros

Ferrari's share prices reached a new high, trading at over $380 each.

The boss thinks Ferrari can achieve even higher goals in 2026, considering the excellent 2023 results and strong plans for 2024.