Dakota Johnson weighs in on ‘nepo baby’ topic, calling it ‘boring’

Dakota Johnson recently dismissed the 'nepo baby' topic as "boring and incredibly annoying" on the Today Show.

The Fifty Shades star humorously addressed having celebrity parents during her Saturday Night Live hosting stint.

Dakota revealed her father, Don Johnson, cut her off financially when she pursued acting over college.

Reflecting on her early acting career, she shared moments of financial struggle, relying on modeling jobs and her mom's help.

Dakota emphasized her determination, stating, "I'm going to be an actress," leading to financial independence.

Despite challenges, Dakota expressed gratitude for landing auditioned roles that supported her.

Currently promoting her new movie, "Madame Web," Dakota's financial journey adds depth to her Hollywood narrative.

The actress's independence and resilience in the face of industry challenges highlight her commitment to her craft.

Dakota's candid revelations provide insight into the realities of pursuing an acting career in Hollywood.

As "Madame Web" hits theaters on February 14, Dakota continues to navigate and make her mark in the competitive entertainment industry.