Tucker Carlson to interview Russia's Putin.

Tucker Carlson plans to interview Vladimir Putin in Moscow, marking Putin's first one-on-one with a Western journalist since the Ukraine invasion.

Carlson, a former Fox News host, emphasizes the right of Americans to know about the war and criticizes mainstream media for not providing adequate information.

The trip to Russia is personally financed by Carlson, who blames the media for engaging in government propaganda and lacking journalistic integrity.

He contrasts frequent interviews of Ukraine's President Zelensky, seen as biased, with the absence of any Western journalist interviewing Putin.

The BBC, despite several requests, was denied interviews with Putin over the past 18 months.

Journalists in Russia face strict reporting restrictions, unable to term the conflict a "war."

The Ukraine conflict, resulting from Russia's invasion, has led to severe consequences, including war crimes allegations and the annexation of more regions by Russia.

Tucker Carlson, an influential media figure, left Fox News last year and continues his career with a show on X.

The upcoming interview will be uploaded live and unedited on X, with Elon Musk committing not to suppress it.

Carlson acknowledges the risks but believes providing a different perspective is essential.